About Us

We present trends to consumers with our own designs and interpretations. The effort we manifest with the approach of pre- and post sales customer satisfaction and support is one of the special reasons which ensure the successful continuation of our company.

We have been active in the sector since 1988 with BAYHANLAR Textile and in 2008 we established CLUB JU brand which is focused on quality and consumer oriented as well as creative and which has created a demand from the four corners of the world with the success of its products on the world market. This success that we have captured with our intercontinental dealers is increasing even more with new dealerships. We take a leading role with the innovations we bring to the textile sector, we are progressing in the sector with successful steps with stronger capital in the framework of our developing vision and mission.

Club JU, which has become a fashion brand of distinguished people in Turkey and in many countries of the world, reinterprets men's fashion with technological fabrics, innovative details and striking colors, combining the fashion sense of the times with functional creations.